South Africa vs Pakistan 3rd Test Day 4 in Johannesburg: Live Cricket Score

14:46 IST: 55.3: D Steyn to Ali, No run.

14:45 IST: 55.2: Steyn to Ali, FOUR.

14:44 IST: 55.1: D Steyn to Ali, Fuller length ball on middle, kept out by Ali watchfully.

14:43 IST: 54.6: K Rabada to Khan, Outside off on a good length, defended towards point by the batsman. End of another successful over for Rabada.

14:43 IST: 54.5: K Rabada to Khan, Bouncer on middle, Khan ducks under it and lets it go.

14:42 IST: 54.4: K Rabada to Khan, On a length and on the middle and leg stump line, Shadab pushes it back to mid on coming a little ahead.

14:42 IST: 54.3: K Rabada to Ali, Fuller length ball outside off, Hasan pushes it towards cover for a single. Off the mark.

14:41 IST: Hasan Ali is the new man in.

14:40 IST: 54.2: K Rabada to Amir, OUT! Catching practice for Markram, this time it is a much simpler one than the previous catch. Rabada comes back to a good length outside off, Amir just opens the face of the bat and guides it right into the hands of gully. Aiden makes no mistake. Rabada has his second in two overs today, SA finding it all too easy now, 2 to go for 3-0!

14:39 IST: 54.1: Rabada to M Amir, FOUR! Flies over gully after Amir flashes at this bouncer outside off. No third man. Amir off the mark.

14:38 IST: 53.6: D Steyn to Khan, Left alone outside off to end the over. Maiden.

14:37 IST: 53.5: D Steyn to Khan, Outside off on a good length and holding its line this time, Shadab comes ahead and defends this one onto the ground.

14:37 IST: 53.4: D Steyn to Khan, Lands this on a length outside off, shapes away slightly as well. Left alone by Khan.

14:36 IST: 53.3: D Steyn to Khan, Bang on target once more, kept out by the batsman though.

14:36 IST: 53.2: D Steyn to Khan, Another one on the money, defended watchfully towards mid on.

14:35 IST: 53.1: D Steyn to S Khan, Length ball on off stump, Shadab pushes it back towards Steyn.

14:34 IST: 52.6: K Rabada to Amir, Yorker, short and then another yorker are the first three balls to Amir. The line though is outside off, Amir fails to jam it out.

14:34 IST: 52.5: K Rabada to Amir, On the shorter side outside off, MA evades it.

14:33 IST: 52.4: K Rabada to Amir, A yorker to welcome the new batsman but it is slightly outside off, would have been curtains for Amir had it been on the stumps as Amir fails to get his bat down in time.

14:31 IST: Drinks break! What an hour of play this has been for the Proteas. After last evening they would not have expected things to be so easy. But 4 wickets have fallen and they are already into Pakistan’s tail. Should be a matter of time now. Also, Mohammad Amir walks next to the crease, at number 9.

14:31 IST: 52.3: K Rabada to Ashraf, OUT! Rabada strikes in his first over itself. Excellent bowling change this one! But a lot of credit has to be given to the fielder here. He has taken a very sharp catch. Short and outside off, Faheem goes after it. The ball takes the outside edge and flies towards Markram’s left, he reacts quickly and takes a tumbling catch. South Africa into the tail now.

14:29 IST: 52.2: K Rabada to Ashraf, Drags his length back a little, the batter manages to block it out.

14:29 IST: 52.1: K Rabada to Ashraf, Fuller in length on middle, it is crisply driven to mid off.

14:28 IST: KG Rabada is now on.

14:27 IST: 51.6: D Steyn to F Ashraf, Once again pulled nicely but does not get more than a single as it is close to the man at deep square leg.

14:27 IST: 51.5: D Steyn to Ashraf, Crisp drive but can’t find the gap. It is hit right off the middle but to mid off.

14:26 IST: 51.4: D Steyn to Ashraf, Nicely pulled again, This though came at a good height for the batsman. He hits it through square leg and takes two. These two are going along well here.

14:25 IST: 51.3: D Steyn to Ashraf, Driven on the up but straight to the man at point.

14:24 IST: 51.2: D Steyn to Ashraf, Good length and on off, Faheem strokes it towards point. Bavuma does well to dive to his left and makes a good stop.

14:24 IST: 51.1: D Steyn to Khan, Nicely clipped but to the man at deep square leg. A run taken.

14:23 IST: 50.6: D Olivier to Ashraf, Continues banging it short and Faheem continues to try and pull. Does not connect though this time as he had his eyes closed while playing it.

14:22 IST: 50.5: D Olivier to Ashraf, FOUR! Another pull shot and another boundary! Slightly short, Faheem picks the length early and pulls it through mid-wicket. It trickles over the fence. 200 up.

14:21 IST: 50.4: D Olivier to Ashraf, FOUR! This time he plays the pull shot well! It is short and on the body, Faheem pulls it through square leg and it races away.

14:20 IST: 50.3: D Olivier to Ashraf, A bumper but it is way down leg side, Faheem looks to pull but misses.

14:19 IST: 50.2: D Olivier to Khan, Clips it with the angle towards mid-wicket for a run.

14:19 IST: 50.1: D Olivier to Khan, A little short and outside off, Shadab throws his bat at it but is beaten by the low bounce.

14:18 IST: 49.6: D Steyn to Ashraf, The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.

14:17 IST: 49.5: D Steyn to Khan, A little too straight this time, it is tucked around the corner for a run.

14:17 IST: 49.4: D Steyn to Khan, Attacks the off pole again, the batsman manages to jam it out.

14:16 IST: 49.3: D Steyn to Khan, This is outside off, Khan lets it be.

14:16 IST: 49.2: D Steyn to Khan, Nicely timed! This is on a length and around off, Shadab leans into it and strokes it on the up through covers for a couple.

14:15 IST: 49.1: D Steyn to Khan, Starts off with a good delivery! On a length and it straightens a touch. Shadab plays inside the line and he gets an outside edge towards gully.

14:15 IST: Dale Steyn to bowl for the first time today.

14:14 IST: 48.6: D Olivier to Ashraf, A rib tickler by Olivier, Faheem tries to work it on the leg side but misses.

14:13 IST: 48.5: D Olivier to Khan, The batsman rocks onto the backfoot and punches the ball. One run added to the total.

14:13 IST: 48.4: D Olivier to Khan, Angles this one into the batsman, Shadab looks to flick but misses to get hit high on the thigh pad.

14:12 IST: 48.3: D Olivier to Khan, Another short ball and it is on the body, Shadab ducks under it.

14:11 IST: 48.2: D Olivier to Khan, Another short ball outside off, Shadab looks to pull it this time but is done in by pace.

14:11 IST: 48.1: D Olivier to Khan, FOUR! From around the wicket bowls it short and outside off, Shadab guides it through backward point, uses the angle to great effect and the ball reaches the fence.

14:09 IST: 47.6: V Philander to Ashraf, FOUR! Top edged and four. Faheem was nowhere in control of that. A good bouncer from Philander to end the over, the batsman goes for the pull as he takes his eyes off the ball as well. It takes the top edge and flies above the head of the keeper. No one back there and slip has to go and fetch the ball from outside the rope. End of a successful over from VP.