It was a Joke: Emirati Man 'Playfully' Cages Indian Workers Until Declaring



A video of an Emirati man putting Indian migrant workers in a cage and demanding they declare support for the UAE national football team has been widely shared among social media users.

The video that was intended to be a joke, released on the same day when the UAE national football team was playing against India on Thursday as part of the 2019 Asian Cup that is taking place in the UAE.

The man who is dressed in traditional Gulf clothing and holding a stick in hand, puts the migrants in the cage and demands they declare support for the UAE otherwise they won’t be freed.

The video shows the man while repeating his question to the caged workers who respond by supporting India, until the end when they finally answer by supporting the UAE.

The viral video prompted great reaction on social media, despite the man’s confirmation it was only a joke as the workers who appeared in the video have been working with him for years and some for decades.

Translation: “Watch, a man was arrested for caging Asian workers in birds cage forcing them to support the UAE national football team.”

In response, authorities in Sharjah announced on their Instagram account that they recognized the man and the one who videotaped him and they are being investigated.