Egypt investigating images of naked couple atop Great Pyramid

Egyptian officials are looking into controversial images that feature a naked couple atop the nation’s Great Pyramid.

The country’s minister of antiquities said the attorney general will investigate the situation after Danish photographer Andreas Hvid posted a video showing a man and a woman climbing to the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza, according to CNN.

The video, which is believed to have been deleted, was approximately three minutes long and ended with a shot of the man and the woman clutching each other while they both were nude.

In a statement Saturday, the Ministry of Antiquities contended that the stunt “violates public morality,” according to NBC News.

A former minister of antiquities, meanwhile, told NBC that the image had to have been Photoshopped because the stones atop the pyramid did not match what they really look like.

“There is no way any one can enter the Pyramids area at night,” Zahi Hawass added to the network.

Hvid was identified by NBC as the man in the controversial images. A photo showing the nude man and woman remains on the photographer’s website.

It is against the law to climb the pyramids.

Hvid said he was “sad that so many people have become so angry” about his stunt in an interview with Danish outlet Ekstra Bladet, according to CNN. He reportedly said he attempted to climb the pyramid with someone else in November but was apprehended by authorities.