Naagin 3 8 December 2018, Written Update of Full Episode: Juhi becomes the new

Today’s episode we see Vikrant and Vishakha are badly injured and Vyom insists Bela to crown Juhi as the Naagraani. Vyom tortures Vishakha and Vikrant so that Bela crowns Juhi as the Naagrani. She crowns her younger sister and than she leaves Vishakha and Vikrant alive. We see Maahir entering the cave and Bela tries her best to take the crown from Juhi but she escapes. Later she follows both of them. Vyom and Juhi get the Naagmani, which makes Bela furious.

Bela talks to mother about naagmani, that it got stolen and her mother guides her how to find it. Bela goes to an anonymous place to find the precious stone, which is covered by all the vultures. She sees the naagmani and goes towards it. Maahir enters the cave where Vish and Vikrant clarify about all the situation. Vikrant in front of Maahir transforms into Yuvraj. Vikrant tells Maahir that Yuvraj is already dead. Maahir remembers all the time, which he spent with Yuvraj and starts crying.

In the next scene, we see Maahir entering the room where his mom and dad are talking to each other. In the next scene, Bela becoming a vulture and enter in the Vulture kingdom. Vishakha tells her Bela knew everything about Yuvraj and Vikrant. Maahir gets shattered remembering all the moments. beka enters the cave she sees all the skeletons. Juhi hands over Naagmani to Vyom and all the vultures become happy.

Bela makes him understand that Vyom will kill her as he got the Naagmani. She tries her best to stop Juhi but she doesn’t listen to her. Later she realizes that Vyom is now planning to kill her.

In tomorrow’s episode, will see how Bela and Juhi will escape fro Vyom’s trap…