'Accidental' Stun Grenade Blast in Jagi Road, Two injured

Jagi Road: At least two persons sustained minor injuries after an explosion of a stun grenade at Jhargaon area under Jagi Road Police station on Saturday at around 4 pm.

As per a press statement, the injured persons were identified as Sushil Sarkar (45) and Sagar Mandal (25). Both the persons were rushed to the hospital and were provided necessary first aid. Later, they were released from the hospital.

The press statement also mentioned that the stun grenade was issued to one Constable Arbind Kumar of F/98 Battalion of Border Security Force (BSF) who was engaged in the adjacent area in connection with NRC duty had lost one stun grenade on Friday and were in search of it with the help of the local people.

The stun was lying in an abandoned condition was later picked by Sushil Sarkar and thereafter he removed the safety pin with the help of pliers, as a result of which it got exploded, mentioned in the press statement.

Meanwhile, police reached the spot and took stock of the situation.

Furthermore, the remnants of the stun Grenade were seized. Higher officials of the Border Security Force had been informed.